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EMC  E=Mc2 (104) 34,596,000,000 / SEC.
'c' = 186000 Mi/sec = light speed
Indicates "Energy to Matter Conversion"

This dissertation is a very simple mundane mentioning format as an easy mundane way to say and see 'the way' of the Converters Exemplification or facilitation without my inclusion of high level physics equations, mathematics. (Wave mechanics, Particle mechanics. Linear Algebra, (Multilinear Algebra) Linear Geometry, Analytic Geometry, Matrix Algebra, Fourier Transforms,Calculus, Trigonometry...As the Mathematic Languages of Physics, Science.

As a simple view, with the consideration that all forms of matter are also of a low vibratory state of Energy and within that consideration, then the principle of Energy into solid tangible matter is to absorb or decrease some of that energy and from that energy and use it as a driving force to facilitate the slowing of the high energy vibratory energy state into a status of condensation within a form as much declined and condensed particles. Point (a wave mechanics view of energy and matter) that can and will transform into a more stable, tangible form of what is known as solid atomic elemental "matter", or as a molecular valence of atoms.

The intense vibratory status now lessened into the modality of the normal movement of an elemental structured atom.
The neutrons and protons of the nucleus and its orbital system of circulating electrons that now / then holds / held the once being photonic status of a high energy 'wave particle' and other wave particles is now not radiating nor is it vibrating at such an intense energy cycle that it would and perhaps did radiate as a particle or energy wave perhaps considered as a photon wave form of energy.
There are inclusive considerations of why the considered high energy particles condense into a state labeled as an atom or tangible solid form of an elemental collection of energies in which the condensation also mandated as a lessening of what they were as high vibratory energy particles, and now as an interactive 'condensation merging' those once normally high energetic vibratory levels have calmed into a longer less active vibratory energy status of non-wave mechanics energy particles of increased 10-47 mass, though each combined, merged particle that is now forming the basic foundation of a tangible matter atom is of their own set mass that sums the now configuration as an atom as the atoms mass and its specification of that collection of energy particles as then tagged as 'valence'..
Do consider there are different forms of energy.
Deferent’s attract and can form into a polarized near singular particle, comprised of as an atom of particles, or energies

Mass, Energy, Potential, Dipolectric, proton, neutron, electron.

Within that, the energy condensation consideration, then the consideration is of guiding those particles (as viewed as energy waves particles) into a particular merged collection as needed.
Elemental formation.

Within that, consideration the so to say 'photon' particle is leading the way in its intense vibratory energy state that in the case of 'viewable' light as a low state of energy that is then said and commonly known as detected light by the Eye of any living life form with optical receptors, or a mechanical device such as a mechanical lens or the optics of a camera that can match and handle the high energy vibratory status of the energies cyclic wave potential and state, a photo~cell for viewing

. . . . . Mass, vibration( cyclic) Energy, Potential, Dipolectric, Wave mechanics, Particle mechanics. Linear Algebra, (Multilinear Algebra) Linear Geometry, Analytic Geometry, Matrix Algebra, Fourier Transforms, Calculus, Trigonometry. As the Mathematics Languages of Physics, Science.

Within that, the energy condensation consideration, the consideration is of guiding particles (as viewed as energy waves particles) into a particular collection as needed and lowering their high energy vibratory status into a lessened EMF and a lowered vibratory level. These, the selection(s), are grouped together as a nucleus in need of orbiting electrons to complete its status as a balanced atom configuration.
Create a new atomic element. The Formulation is done by the formation of the integration of certain particles with certain characteristics as a nucleus of a definite number of particles to balance the needed number of electrons to orbit that nucleus and thus being a newly configured atomic element.

An atomic particle accelerator can do this, and has been done in year 2016 at CERN, The Hadron Partilcle accelerator underground and straddling the Swiss – French boarders near Geneva, Switzerland. The large Hadron particle accelerator collider (LHC) of the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN in Europe at the European particle physics laboratory CERN. It lies in a tunnel 27 kilometers (17 mi) in circumference, as deep as 175 meters (574 ft) beneath the French Switzerland border near Geneva, Switzerland.

That item is only a minute consideration of the EMC. More consideration is to high-energy waves such as high-energy 'radiation' such as solar radiation and nuclear particles radiation. Nucleonic.

MEC  M=Ec2 (104)  34,596,000,000 / SEC.
'c' = 186,000 Mi/sec = light speed.
Indicates "Matter to Energy Conversion"
Then this is the opposite of the above EMC.
however it is the same device functioning at two different levels, as needed.


Returning matter into its high-energy vibratory wave status and dissipating it by 'radiating' it as into a similarity of a radio wave form of energy radiation as an example of 'energy'. Actually, not 'radiated from the EMC-MEC as 'light' but as pure energy, dispersing it in the similar wave effect as a 'radio wave' or as a higher energy wave status, or to be directed into being circulated as electric energy as long as the EMC~MEC is fed matter or the EMC~MEC is configured to pull in energy from the surroundings of the energy emanations of the universe and by 'tapping’ into that as a continuous sustainable source of energy. Then that converter unit of EMC~MEC is then positioned as a continuous energy source..

This then converts solid tangible 'matter' into radiateable energy and thus removes that matter from the environment of the MEC placed position and as of whatever matter was placed inside of the MEC interior as being in a status of solid low vibratory movement energy/matter is then converted into a higher form of pure energy that can be returned as again being ‘universal energy’. And with that not being as ‘tangible’ matter, as pure energy returned again into the universe. That transformation removes unnecessary not needed ‘matter’ from the domain environment of planet Earth..

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The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia.
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Dr. Prof. Yoshida
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The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia
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Ipoh Darul Ridzuan, Perak, Malaysia


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