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The Global Environmental, Ecological Recovery, Regeneration For The Saving Of Planet Earth

The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) NPO, NGO.


Another option for CONTACT US is to copy
the below yellow highlighted email address
then open your E-Mail and paste this
into the 'SEND TO' then make your contact message to TPEOM. and you are
welcome to SMS a message to the below HP# for immediate response Notification.

+6017-292-4072 No WhatsApp to this 'phone.

PDF The Donation Form to Download as a PDF File.PDF

Here above is the active PDF download link for the Donation form for you to fill in.

After you have it filled in the form and you are ready to E-Mail it.

Then return it to TPEOM by way of this yahoo mailbox app that is now accommodating TPEOM by way of the communication application of: and being this until the server host technical team of Penang finds the hiccup in their server computer that is making our normal email application of our E-Mail not faithfully stable for now.
Yet it will stabilize again, ASAP. Then this will be updated back to our normal email of

We of TPEOM now ask forgiveness for how our Penang server host is currently handling our TPEOM E-Mail until they cure the hiccup.

So for now we go with this communication app of

Graciously TPEOM gives to you a Sincere, caring ''Thank You.'' With a smile.

The above booklet or pamphlet is for you as a member of TPEOM and it will be as it appears here and is ready to go each month. It will be E-Mailed to you.

To see it here is for you to know the appearance of it. This is TPEOM showing you in advance of what you will have by opting for this part of your membership option that also gives you the tax deductible 501 ( C )3 tax deduction form filled in by TPEOM for you. TPEOM can and will do this correctly for you by way of the information you put into the above TPEOM donation form on the time that you opted for membership into TPEOM. So the Membership and the booklet are both entered into the 'donation form and you memo the donation form as a membership filled it with the membership type and amount and for this booklet also EXAMPLE: regular member. $80.00 and $74.00 as $154.oo and that says the $80 is for the booklet, then the tax deductible $80 is your membership fund. All is then settled and good for you.

Or just go to the below to DONATE through the paypal graphic link and do with that, very direct, very easy and very safe way.



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Donate now and shortly after SEE and know of the real environmental TOOL and the actions of that 'tool' as needed for the saving of planet Earth and the life of you and yours. See THAT is happening as you watch it's happenings and you personally see the Destiny of it realized with full accomplished completion.
You are welcome to donate and also be an active involved staff member of TPEOM physically doing an Environmentalism position in the fields
That position could be your home community, home town, home state or country with consideration of going international as an environmentalist staff making application of the TPEOM Environmental Converter unit or units that is to range into the billions of units. And every ten units will need an administrating TPEOM staff member.

Recovering your Home world Planet Earth is what TPEOM will quickly as possible do for you!.
We are 'teamed as one focus into recovering and saving our Home world of planet Earth.'
ALL of IT as soonest we all make it happen as the farthest time before the year 2045.
Preferably we start as a full team of 5 billion of us all together in 2025 or before and complete this by 2045, that alows us no more than 20 concentrated very busy years of us to complete this DESTINY as a full team.
We, the TPEOM team of you ''personally'' that is reading this and your neighbors and most of the population of humanity are the TPEOM team members.

The Tool

''TPEOM Environmental Converter''

You are welcomed to come and collect a ''TPEOM Environmental Converter'' for yourself. You've donated To TPEOM and a converter is then all yours to keep.
**The TPEOM mandate to itself is that all humans upon this Planet Earth is to have and personally own a TPEOM Environmental Converter before the year 2045!
Just donate to make it all very truly real.

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