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Join TPEOM , and secure your yearly tax protection benefits as you also make care for your "Home" Planet Earth.

Show the future & all that you really Do care for your"Home", Planet Earth, and for 'Life'.

Be a part of a Global community that supports environmental science in our society, and the future of it for the sake of life.

Your membership helps The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM) support the people and the policies that promote sciences role in our society, encourages environmental education for all, and to keep scientific fields diverse and inclusive.

Join by January 01 in 2019 and we'll send you a limited-edition Hands of Care TPEOM PPT Pamphlet update by E-Mail as a thank-you. Become a member today and Beneficially enjoy being with TPEOM Environmental Organization. Ω.
Please do choose your TPEOM membership level and include the Digital monthly Hands of Care TPEOM PPT update at 8.25 Inch X 5.75 Inch size in PDF for E-Mail deliveries. All memberships including updated issues of Hands of Care TPEOM PPT updates, and unlimited access to PDF Environmental_News online, and other exclusive TPEOM benefits. PDF Global Environmental news updates upon the TPEOM website.

Environmental PDF updates (Look for this one after you log in) = Environmental PDF updates for TPEOM members as Item 20 of the drop down and go to menu.

Please do choose your TPEOM membership level and include the Digital monthly Hands of Care TPEOM PPT update 8.25 inch X 5.75 inch size issue in PDF for E-Mail deliveries.

All memberships including updated issues of Hands of Care TPEOM PPT updates, and unlimited access to PDF Environmental News online, and other exclusive TPEOM benefits.

Special Digital Rate Special Print Rate
Post Doc
PLEASE NOTE: Digital delivery requires a .edu email address. Digital delivery is not eligible to receive a complimentary gift.
Science Advocate

PDF This Members form to Download as a PDF File.PDF

( * )Title
( * )First Name
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( * )Last Name
( * )Email
( * )Confirm your email

DOWNLOAD THE PDF of the membership form and Fill in the above items of (FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME, E-MAIL, CONFIRM E-MAIL Onto the PDF FILE OF THIS PAGE THAT YOU DOWNLOADED FROM HERE FOR YOU TO FILL IN WITH YOUR ABOVE NEEDED DETAILS. Then go to the below DISCLOSURE link and do the same with that form, Download the PDF of it,fill it in also and email both to While upon that giving page you can see the TPEOM PPT/PDF Updates to be emailed to you from TPEOM.) Thank You.

To send this form as filled in by you then TPEOM offers 2 options: 1 tap/click on the below DISCLOSURES header or print out this page & use your E-Mail to send all to TPEOM by way of
You tap /click on the below DISCLOSURES header and download the PDF donation form. Fill in the Donation Form you find there with your membership and TPEOM PPT updates amounts, then E-Mail that with your membership page that 'print screen' captured and opened in Microsoft Paint and saved as a .jpg file


There is a limit of one TPEOM care for Earth Plaque "Environmental" update as one per membership order.
Members with an international shipping address and student members who select a digital subscription are eligible to receive the TPEOM PPT updates Digitally. Please allow up to 10 ~12 Days for delivery of the limited-edition of the TPEOM PPT updates.
The TPEOM "PPT updates" are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty and cannot be exchanged or returned.

In association with any product, TPEOM makes no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. TPEOM members are entitled to receive TPEOM PPT updates issues as they are newly published only during their 12 month membership term.

The TPEOM PPT update is available to individuals only as a benefit of membership at $74 for each TPEOM PPT update sent to you as an annual subscription during your caring 12 month membership term.
The value of a one-year subscription to TPEOM updates, is to be considered as individually due aside from any annual member dues.
However, Your membership dues and the TPEOM PPT updates combinational order paid to TPEOM makes your membership dues fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution.
Example: 'Regular' member Digital =$125.00, Special Digital Rate = $80.00, Print Rate =165.00, Very Special Rate = 109.00 and these are member rates only, Not Member Rate including 'TPEOM PPT updates that says that REGULAR DIGITAL Membership including TPEOM PPT updates = $125 +$74 = $199.00 and $125 of that is 501( c) 3 tax deductible by the way of the IRS or tax department 501 ( c) 3 tax deductible form sent to you for your combinational membership.

Great for you!

And that combinational membership makes your TPEOM membership at just $74.00 per year not the combination of $74.00 plus $125.00 to = $199.00.

The TPEOM way is $74.00 for the TPEOM PPT update!

Your membership of $125.00 is then 501( c )3 set for you as a tax deductible amount.
So then even though you sent TPEOM $199.00 you get the benefit of tax deducting the $125.00 for your benefit. So that makes your yearly membership at only $74.00 instead of the full $199.00. So, for your tax deduction benefit, do include your TPEOM PPT updates in combination with your annual membership.


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