Our Mother Planet Earth is Now dying and will worsen from 2048 onwards and the toxic pollution levels of Planet Earth's atmosphere at 2050 WILL be suffocating all forms of life requiring oxygen and there will be a planet of lifeless spoiled lands, continents of rotting human and animal corpses and decaying plants with the oceans and seas surfaces covered from horizon to horizon of dead decaying bodies of what was sea life.

Somehow, I was chosen and imbued with the unconditional Destiny of TPEOM TO SAVE THIS Planet Earth with all species of life forms of Planet Earth included by or before the date year of 2045.

You chose me and my scientific physics to do this.

At that moment of choosing me and filling my spirit, life force energy, life with all the Articles of TPEOM my life and life style changed into the unconditional rules of the TPEOM Destiny that put me into a daily for up to 12 hours per day to remain focused with science, physics technology modalities that will save this, our only home world, Planet, Mother Earth.
I fully Honorably agreed to all the terms, articles of the TPEOM Destiny!
I can, I Will, I Must stand tall with Honorable Heart to fulfill all the articles of the TPEOM Destiny! I will fight for that, only that Destiny. My life now is only that Destiny. I will fight for my life and its bodies freedom to unconditionally, non-distractionally continue the TPEOM Destiny!

Within all due considerations and experiences I,ve arrived at the full awareness, realization that all my cash resources I've put into the TPEOM Destiny needs your help to boost them to the required level of financial strength to complete this mission for your lives of now and to come and be. I am to save your life with your care to keep you alive.

I have seen this:

To complete this Destiny will require the active involvement of many of all the countries, conrtinents of this Planet Earth, staring at 5 million individuals or companies or global corporations to join with TPEOM as active environmentalists, ecologists, Biodiversity aware specialists, environmental scientists, governments .

The Now Needed Funding, Sponsoring of TPEOM is for the compensation of those joined as active environmental members.
Some doing Atmospherics!
Some doing Aquatics!
Some doing Soils!
All doing Communities, towns, Cities globally.

You want and need your future life, then join in with the TPEOM Destiny to make that truly real for You! Or just be a sponsor, funder of this year of 2019

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TPEOM Is Global For Planet Earth.

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