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The Global Environmental Recovery, Regeneration and the Saving of Planet Earth

The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) (NPO)(NGO)


To constitute TPEOM as a national, international membership organization, comprising of multi-disciplinary organizations, Multi-disciplinary professionals and any pertinent number of persons with a focused interest of the impact of human activities upon planet Earths environment.
To contribute to our Malaysian national capacity in environmental management through the, development / adaptation and promotion of the use of the sound stable realistic environmental management technology and practices amongst industries in the country of the full implementation of the EMC ~ MEC converter physics science technology unit.

To increase the awareness of organizations and individuals for environmental management through educational presentations of the now status of the global environment recovery and the time line of is worsening, unless the full implementation of the EMC ~ MEC converter unit is applied with full dedication. This is Global as a participation of the 233 countries listed upon planet Earth and inclusive of all the human peoples of those countries.

To promote interaction and understanding among individuals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, such as scientists of all disciplines, medical technologists (specialists), medical doctors, technologists of all capacities, engineers of all disciplines, business and industrial administrators and government bodies and their government officers, ministers or Leaders through the organizing of activities of such as audio visual presentation and talks, to make visits and make awareness presentation functions concerning the definite capacity of the environment of planet Earth and what MUST be implemented and admirably continued.

To organize scientific technical meetings (conferences, workshops) that include the audio graphic presentation of the how of the creation of the EMC ~ MEC converter unit by their application of their knowledge of Physics to actually create the EMC ~ MEC converter unit.

The completion of (Article II) that leads to a full exhibition of the operational method of the EMC ~ MEC converter and why the converter is vitally pertinent to the environmental management and saving of planet Earth by way of the full daily implementation of the EMC ~ MEC converter unit(s) by every living human individual upon planet Earth.

(Article II)
The application: The seeing of the fully completed MEC converter unit

The focus is to fully complete, the assembly and formation of the fist MEC converter by Friday, 14 June 2030, or as can or could be accomplished.
**This item (Article II) completed then a conference meeting will be called for in which all the 197 members of the team, and the leaders of their countries, will be called to assemble at the Putrajaya convention center conference room or conference hall and being there to then witness the first semi-public activation action results of the first fully assembled and ready to go MEC converter unit.

This conference, due to the location, may include government officers of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Therefore that gathering could number into seven or eight hundred + participants convening at that TPEOM, EMC ~ MEC converter presentation.
Possibly the PM of Malaysia may make himself available for that conference. At that time as may the secretary general of the United Nations do also.

To co-operate with other national and international organizations with similar environmental objectives or interests to those of the TPEO, M Core Articles and Activity Focus.

Global Considerations

Conferences, workshops, seminars.

Take notice with all due considerations and forethought:
Planet Earth is a small definitely sized "room" with a definite 'capacity'.
The ongoing situation is that the human population of this ROOM is filling it with their discarded waste they produced/manufactured and thus the room is shrinking to the point in time when there will be no 'room' for anything dead or alive. Thus at that point anything that survived up to that point of the room being filled to full capacity will join the dead as will the planet itself. Thus The Point of No Return.

TPEOM is truly, Honorably the final absolute solution by way of the application of some of the sciences of physics to create the EMC ~ MEC converter unit to do the removal of all the rubbish from Planet Earth and then make the end of toxic planetary poisoning,

Donate now to make the real tool of the saving of planet Earth and the life of you and yours.

Planet Earth MUST be Cleaned and saved by or Before the calendar year of 2045
Absolutely No Exceptions!

1. For the truth of Pure Reality TPEOM invokes this call to all global leaders to contact make their soonest contact with TPEOM and join hands of Care with TPEOM this year of 2019.< < < <
2. Because 2037 is our final chance to start making a difference' because 2045 is the `point-of-no-return` as not being enough time even for all of TPEOM's much advanced scientific technology to focusedly and actively complete its DESTINY mission of saving this planet Earth before the year of 2050 of which is the final, final end of it all, with genocide to all species of life upon planet Earth and to Planet Earth itself.....for the coming two hundred and fifty million years being only as a modality of a recovering evolution, and perhaps a new species into this universe that is bipedal erect and intelligent and not in any way human.

Is the above paragraph of 1 or 2 your minds spirit? What is your true core spirit of choice?
Is it TPEOM for you
Your industrialized selfishness. What says you, ALL OF YOU SO-CALLED HUMANS Ladies tell those Hu'mans' to get their heads on the correct track,
Where is your so-called 'goodness of Humanity' Humanitarianism¿

Humanity, Wake Up to all and what you are doing to your only home world as disastrously deadly for all of you and your home world also.

Generating a ridiculous financial income is of no value after you are dead for doing it. Any amount of your drive to poses financial cash will not save you from death as your cash drive continues to toxify and pollutionally poison your home world unto death.

Awaken and get awarely focused with all the exuberant intelligence you have that did invent and install this environmentally poisonous industrial revolution that is murdering humanities only home world Planet Earth

Bodoh Humanity, You have within your spirit as does a winning Olympian Athlete to merge together all the required resources to win at saving your lives by saving your home worlds ecological environments by making it clean, clear and neatly environmentally ecologically life giving and supportive again, before you lose all time and your only factually honestly true asset of your life that is planet Earth

Everything you have did have or may have never originated from you.

You're born into this world naked with nothing more than your bio flesh mother to love you and care for you thereafter.

Then from your mothers mother planet Earth you take mothers natural physical resources and tell all that those resources are yours, even though you ripped them from your mother Planet Earth the originator of them and of you.

Now it is time to return care for your mother planet Earth before you conclude your careless nonconscientious plan of murder.

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How that rubbish is being Handled by not utilizing the TPEOM converter solution for it.! What all is being done with that rubbish as landfill dumping and also as being dumped into the oceans and seas of Earth Killing Planet Earth!!!!!



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