The Pyran Organization (TPEOM)<

TPEOM is a Non Profit Organization (NPO) registered with the Malaysian Government (ROS), (KDN) Home Affairs and MOF Ministry Of Finance .

For the Love of our Planet Earth,For the Love of Life for all.

Objectives of immediate Focus: Items 1 to 4

The full completion and installation of the EMC ~ MEC unit, technology for the Global Environmental Salvation of planet Earth and all life forms living upon the planet.

1. For the Full MEC permanent removal of all rubbish thrown into or seemingly disposed of by dumping it into the very limited space domain environment of planet Earth by humanity, and to make the permanent removal of all the forms of toxic wastes created by humanity upon this planet Earth. To then purify the entire Environment of planet Earth and to then after undoubtedly maintain that environmental purity without any slight variation and no further loss of any of its ecological systems and component members.

2. To provide an unlimited self sustainable electrical energy source of the particular dimensions and mass (weight) that one person can handle, move or place as needed. This energy cell will be available to energize a single homes energy needs or an office or a block of offices or a single Tesla electric powered automobile or any automobile after the internal combustion engine is removed and an electric engine is the replacement.

3. To supply a full medical modality that will facilitate a full near immediate cure for all odd humanities medical ailments

4. To address the serious global warming effect that is now threatening these cities:
Shanghai, Mumbai, New York, Manhattan, Miami, New Orleans, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Taizhou, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Japan, The Philippines, Egypt, Brazil and more as The Most Polluted Cities in the world:
Shouguang, China, Zhengzhou, China,Luohe, China,Shangqiu, China, Weinan, China, Pingdingshan, China, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, Linfen, China, Cairo, Egypt, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Los Angeles is the most toxic city in America,

Totals into 16.

There are five issues to address:
* Global Warming
The elimination or massive reduction of the 'Greenhouse Gases'( CO2 ) and the full repair of the Earth's Ozone layer.
If not done then the land areas currently lived upon by more than 600 million people will be lost by submersion of those coastal land masses under the sea.

Take into account the total water frozen into the polar ice caps, and then take into account the flooding of coastal land by the water released from those melted polar ice caps. The global land mass (continents) will reduce in size, and the Human population of planet Earth now stands at Seven Billion + (7,631,877,400) PLUS as I, Prof. Yoshida, write this at 19:15:30 on 23 February 2020.

* Oceanic Toxic Waste Pollution
and the loss of land mass to rubbish and the pollution of the seas (OCEANS)

* Global Toxic Pollution.
The concern is when the human population reaches 10 billion of the possible year 2055, unless 2048 is the finalization point of no return and then there will be no land mass for them to live upon. however, by way of that population increase the rubbish toxinfection and filling of the available land masses (c ontinents) and also after the polar ice caps melt will leave less space /room, land mass\ for human population and other species. However, by or before this humanity may have accomplished genocide of all life of planet Earth.

*The dumping of human waste,
rubbish, into the oceans will bring forth a loss of much needed marine life and a deep reduction of sea foods for humanity.
The available marine life that can or could be harvested will be toxic and mostly infectious, diseased.

*The full enactment of the EMC ~ MEC unit combined with the EFCV5 and the Energy Cell can and will solve the above coming disasters.

Article I
Therefore, I immediately make my presentation of this that is written here upon this TPEOM page as its articles and objectives, in pleading with all of the known 197 free world countries members of the United Nations, for their allowance and making of assistance with financial sponsorships.

Having done this as your response Honorably confirms your heartfelt care for your home world, planet Earth.

Within that pleading for those 'teams' I will, Audio Video or power point introduction of the EMC~MEC project into that global scientific team of scientists within the disciplines of physics that relate to such scientific disciplines as particle physics, energy physics, valid actual physics, computer technology, nuclear physics as with the atomic elements as listed within the Chart of The Elements, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, microelectronics, electronics engineering and Fourier transforms equatic mathematics.

To include all the related higher forms of mathematics of physics and of physics that will relate to the EMC~MEC projects spirit and focus of needed and related scientific disciplines.
As to the introduction and the A/V presentation will do:

I think and fully consider the presentation to be made within the United Nations assembly chamber in Geneva Switzerland.

(Article II)
Within the full agreement of those scientists, they will then, within their laboratories or offices, universities or homes or countries to begin their focus into the research, discovery, development and documentation of their research of the science of the Matter to Energy (MEC) conversion system technology with the consideration of including the atomic elements E121, E122, E123, E124, E125, E126, E127, E128, E129, E130, E131 and to explicitly focus towards the Energy Cell and a EFCV5 as its fifth generation as per that one being supplied by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices as being the foundation parts that will insure the facilitation of the matter to energy conversions system units.

To begin their focus into the research, discovery and documentation of their research of the science of the Energy to Matter (EMC) conversion system and of the Matter to Energy Conversion (MEC) system. Within their doing that research and development uninhibitedly, to then after to see from each scientist or team one or several pieces of documentation as their individual or team vision, version, innovation and decision of an EMC~MEC puzzle piece of the Energy Conversion (EMC) system.

Within their doing that research and development uninhibitedly, to then after to see from each scientist or team one or several pieces of documentation as their individual or team vision, version, innovation and decision of an EMC~MEC puzzle piece.

Then for each of those pieces of documentation to be delivered to the scientific assembly team formed from the UN international scientific community and stationed in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

That Malaysian based assembled team will be upon the land considered to TPEOM in 2009 while in a meeting with Datum Mohammed Thajudeen Bin Abel Wahl.

This was at the Prime Ministers HQ, Putrajaya, Malaysia and known to and concurred by the Malaysian government member known as being the 2009 Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister of Malaysia, YABhg Tun Abdullah bin Ha Ahead Bavaria.

The Team will assemble and proceed within the large assembly laboratory building there upon that acre of land in Putrajaya.

In addition, a provision of Individual housing is there upon that land there in Putrajaya, Malaysia. That place is where the assemblage of the 20 scientists SERE assembled as the integrators of all the received EMC~MEC documented puzzle pieces.

They, the 20 and I, will then begin and do the final assembly of all of those provided documented pieces of the first EMC~MEC with each scientific paper received and recognized as a piece being as the needed piece and of where it must go into to as being integrated/combined and assembled into being a piece of the one, first EMC~MEC unit.

I seek to be the at the Hadron Accelerator and THE DIRETOR OF TH jEFFERSON lAB, Newport News, Vaginia or in Vancouver, BC, Canada at the TRIUMPH Cyclotron with permissionh to utilize the Hadron or the JLAB, or the TRIUMPH for the creation of the eleven new atomic elements, E-121 Emetalium, E122 Yoshidium, E123 Kazuoium, E124 Pyranium, E125 Valarathonium, E126 Pyronium, E127 linticularium, E128 Aquarium, E129 Parsecsium, E130 Galactrium and E131 Energium.

As to the period for that completed action, I have no specific.

However, in all due regards it will be soon enough to take those elements into the EMC~MEC project assembly lab.

Additionally, to then fully complete the assembly and formation of the fist EMC~MEC by Friday, 14 June 2030, or as can or as will be done.

Thereafter, that done it is time to begin the Objectives of (Article IV) part of the Mission and to complete the 3 objectives of (Article IV) of the MC of the Mission by Monday, 21 November 2033 or as can be done or will be done with the application of as many EMC~MEC as needed and placed throughout the planet, Earth. That be projected as 30,000 units.

In the environments, localities of those MEC placements, there will be the emptying of all the waste landfills upon this planet Earth into the many MEC units as are placed as locally available.

That action will reduce the underground~below ground surface water tables from continued toxification and open the ways to purify those underground water tables, streams from whence bacteria, germs, pathogenic viruses emerge into the atmosphere as an infectious microbiological into all protein sorts of species such as Homo Sapiens.

This action will in all due considerations reduce the production of infectious germs, bacteria and viruses.

Metropolitan cities
Many of the MEC units will be placed within the most smog polluted metropolitan cities on Earth to begin and complete the removal of atmospheric toxins from the air (atmosphere) of those cities by removing those smog toxins and returning the air as pure non-toxic, non-polluted air.

The same will apply for the oil-polluted coastlines.
To clean the contaminated coastal life forms and return all back into their naturally clean state at birth before the human made oil spill pollutions arrived and contaminated them.


Then for oceans, (seas), rivers, streams and aqueducts to remove the pollutants and return purified water.

Therein those actions completed and all and any more of it as needed of (Article IV) of the Mission as stated in Paragraphs P1, P2 and P 3 of (Article IV) of the Mission.

Herein these actions carried to completion by the utilization of 30,000 MEC units as needed, and must be made available and utilized for the completion of Mission (Article IV) P1, P2 and P3.

Therein and thereafter, the MEC will be the replacement for all waste disposal modalities by the individual and total population of the Homo Sapiens Species.

The EMC will stand as a device capable of producing any form of matter needed (a cup of tea, any needed tool, a vaccine or antibiotic) as required by the astronauts of the International Space Station for their need of atmosphere, water, foods and waste disposal where any one of the units of it is.

The unit is functionally operational, as a EMC~MEC converter unit. Its electrical power source is its internal Energy Cell.

The EMC totally ends the global 'Hunger lack of food problems' of many poverty stricken hunans or countries upon this planet 'Earth'.

The EMC~MEC units can be made of any size required of it, to perform the function required of it in that form and size.

A small unit of it can / will replace the life support backpacks of the NASA space suits, and SCUBA diving tanks, the full clean clear atmosphere of a Submarine and many other applications as needed to provide breathable atmosphere.

There are extensive medical applications for the EMC~MEC as the MC  Medical unit. The end of major diseases or medical ailments.


I give Hope and reality to Planet Earth`s future. I give Hope and reality to Humanities continued future.

I give hope and reality for all living life forms upon planet Earth VIA TPEOM..

I keep none for myself.
I've completed My manifest Destiny placed within me !

How this Destiny so strongly arrived into me I"m without an answer to speak of.


(Article III)
To fulfill and complete the Objectives of P1, P2 and P3 by Wednesday, 20 May 2020 and to see, know and have every Objective fully active.

(Article IV).........OBJECTIVES.
To save Planet Earth by providing purified soil, water and atmosphere to planet Earth by removing the toxic contamination wastes scattered into the soil, water and atmosphere by humanity.


(P2) Thereinafter, removing all those poisonous toxins will reinstate planet Earth again forwardly as a pure life support capable planet!
(P3)Therein the Mission is to save our Planet Earth from toxic human waste destruction and termination well before the year 2040, by completing the Objective of the EMC ~ MEC project of TPO.

In addition, within this action of the creation of the EMC~MEC there is a byproduct to provide an unlimited fully self sustainable energy source device, and it is tagged as the 'Energy Cell' for all electrical Energy needs and purposes. Fully, Originally as DC voltage output. However, with a DC/AC converter it will provide Alternating Current.

There is an internationally known accepted fact accredited to the ecological human scientific community of Earth concerning the toxic contamination destruction of planet Earth!

Those scientists projected a calculated fact that Earth will go unlivable toxic with no more ability to sustain any form of atmosphere breathing life forms or most aquatic life forms and a major number of plant life forms, (by or somewhat around or before the calendar year of 2048.)

The year 2045 may be the end point of recovery[point of no return] for this planet, and the recovery effort will only have 10 (ten) years of time to make it happen.


At the current rate that the rubbish waste of humanity is being poured and dumped into the planets Environment this small closely defined 'room' of planet Earth will shrink to about standding room/space only, the year 2048 can be and is predicted by environmental scientists, government environmental agencies as to be the actual final year of life for all upon this planet and the year of final toxic poisoning termination destruction of Planet Earth.

2048 is only 27 years forward from the year of 2020, or with added population the time line window may not and will not arrive into 2055. Perhaps 2048 or less which leaves only 27 more years before the total non-recoverable * Point-Of-No-Return* of 2040 arrives.

Ghastly Reality?

Point of No Return = out of time, the toxic progression cannot be stopped by any modality, NOT EVEN THE FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND GLOBALLY PLACED TPEOM UNITS. .
As you know by now of your reading of the pages of this TPEOM website, TPEOM is here to help and not allow the above bad's to happen.

Click On The Below ROTATING EARTH GLOBE To Go To The EMC~"MEC Page

Compassion ~ Empathy ~ Heartfelt `Care`..
As An open statement to all:

Anyone that is sincerely, truly and with pure spirit and Honorable Heart that is Honorably interested in the Ecological and Environmental continuations of all life forms upon this planet

and sincerely cares with Heart that this Planet Earth continues as a life giving home of all the rare and extraordinary life forms upon this planet and sincerely cares for their own life and that of their own personal family members to have a full life span and not to face a toxic waste infected ghastly death before the year 2048 and fully knows they are capable with the resources of a Scientific Team of Physicist with knowledge, tools, a working location or enough of a financial tool to make the advancement and full activation of TPO by or before Wednesday, 20 April 2021 is welcome to electronically make 1st contact to me at;

Dr. Prof. Yoshida, Mike Kazuo PhD.Prof, BA, Bsc, Environmental Science Physicist The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia.(TPEOM) (NGO ~NPO) +6017-292-4072 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia   or   +60172924072

Then After your E-Mail contact to me is sent and you have confirmed to me the purpose of your contact and your mention of our meting then we should be able to meet by any appropriate venue of any time day or evening or place within Ipoh, Perak.

OR, send your request Via the way of Poslaju as an invitational meeting venue and we can go with that.

For this one an sms saying to collect the Poslaju will make me aware of its being in transit to a Poslaju that you consider to be close enough to me for me to go and collect it. Also in the SMS, you text to me as to whom you are, what you are and from where you are and from where you will be coming from.



We are TPEOM, a scientifically Bushido Honor driven and unconditionally committed to the full unconditional acceptance of its DESTINY placed upon the founder of TPEOM without asking for it to be such an involvement in The Global Environmental, Ecological & Biodiversity Recovery, Regeneration and The Saving Of Planet Earth With the full and extensive application of the sciences of physics.

The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) (NGO ~ NPO).
The application: The International Scientific agreements and the starting of the R & D for the MEC ~ EMC Converter and its assembly. Including the Energy Cell. The Fast Computer Version One C1V5.


TPEOM is the ‘final’ way of The Global Environmental, Ecological & Biodiversity Recovery, Regeneration And The Saving Of Planet Earth With the application of the sciences of physics.

the global supplier of foods to the poorly starving needy peoples of this planet.

As an unconditional source for clear purely atomically, chemically clean H2O (water).

as needed and as much of it as is needed and when and where at it is needed.
The Global supplier source for clear purely atomically, chemically clean H2O (water).

Being the final supplier of an ecologically, environmentally safe and environmentally clean unlimited self sustainable electrical energy source of the particular dimensions and mass (weight) that one person can handle, move or place as needed.
This energy source being able to supply any format of voltage needed at any Amperage required.

The full solution to a waste disposal system as the MEC conversion of the discards as waste converted into energy.
Mater into energy conversion.
The way of this is to have at hand one or more MEC units that can be opened and filled with waste(rubbish).
Then at the easy push of a button the activation of the MEC happens and it will do as it is/was designed to do, convert the waste matter contained within its conversion chamber into energy and emits that energy as an energy wave so that when the doorway // portal of the MEC is again opened the waste that was put in there is truly
Gone from sight, gone as being tangible viewable presence and space taking ‘matter’,
However, as then being ‘energy, not ‘gone’ as in fact energy is not just gone.
The fact then is that the waste material placed into the EMC is then not visible, not tangible and not knowingly detectable to or by the five human environmental senses as being present as tangible ‘matter’ nor a physical environmental space presence taking matter.

That then is the definition of ‘Gone’.

TPEOM and its scientific physics technology is truly, Honorably the final absolute solution by way of the application of some of the sciences of physics to create the MEC converter unit and to do the removal of all the rubbish from Planet Earth, and therein make the end of toxic planetary pollution poisoning before the conclusion of the year of 2045.,

Make your Donation now to help make the EMC as the real tool of the saving of planet Earth and the life of you and yours.

Planet Earth MUST be Cleaned and saved by or Before the calendar year of 2045 Absolutely No Exceptions!


For the truth of Pure Environmental Reality TPEOM invokes this call to all Global Leaders to make their soonest contact with TPEOM and join within the hands of Care with TPEOM this year of 2018. Because the year of 2037 is our final chance to start making a `difference` because the year of 2048 is the `point-of-no-return` as not being enough time for TPEOM to focusedly and actively complete its DESTINY mission a decade before the year of 2055 of which is the final, final end of all, with total genocide to all species of life upon planet Earth and Planet Earth itself as being the outcome event of that year of 2055.
Furthermore it is an extrapolated fact that no anyone else has enough time nor the resource nor the required technology to save planet Earth from its approaching moment, hour, day, week, month or year of death.

MEMBERSHIP Objectives;

To continue constituting TPEOM as a national, international membership organization, comprising of multi-disciplinary corporations, companies, organizations, Multi- disciplinary science professionals and other forms of professions and all or any pertinent number of persons with a focused, decisive interest of the impact of human activities upon planet Earths environment and ecosystems.

To contribute to our Malaysian national capacity in environmental management through the development / adaptation and promotion of the use of the sound stable realistic environmental management technology and practices amongst industries in the country of the full implementation of the EMC ~ MEC converter physics science technology unit.

To increase the awareness of organizations and individuals for environmental management through educational presentations of the now status of the global environment recovery and the time line of is worsening, unless the full implementation of the EMC ~ MEC converter unit is applied with full dedication. This is Global as a participation of the 233 countries listed upon planet Earth and inclusive of all the human peoples of those countries.

To promote interaction and understanding among individuals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, such as scientists of all disciplines, medical technologists ( specialists), medical doctors, technologists of all capacities, engineers of all disciplines, business and industrial administrators and government bodies and their government officers, ministers or Leaders through the organizing of activities of such as audio visual presentation and talks, to make visits and make awareness presentation functions concerning the definite capacity of the environment of planet Earth and what MUST be implemented and admirably continued.


For the Love of our Planet Earth, For the Love and care of Life for all.


I give Hope and care to Planet Earths future to betterment. I give Hope to Humanities continued future.
I give hope and care for all living species of life forms upon planet Earth.
My DESTINY with TPEOM is to provide hope, and the way for a continued life for all.



To fulfill and complete the MISSION Objectives of Article II as of Part1, Part2, Part 3 and Part 4 by Monday, 21 November 2033 and to see and know and have every Objective fully active and to know that all of humanity is seeing and knowing that planet Earth is recovering its life and planet Earth and all species of life upon planet Earth will surely without hindrance live their full lives and not die of toxic waste or rubbish atmospheric poisoning as it is predicted and extrapolated as due by the year of 2050. .

(Article II) The application: The seeing of the fully completed MEC unit. The focus is to fully complete, the assembly and formation of the fist MEC by Wednesday, 1 January 2021, or as can or could be accomplished by us of TPEOM.

**This item (Article II) completed then a conference meeting will be called for in which all the 197 members of the team, and the leaders of their countries, will be called to assemble at the Putrajaya convention center conference room or conference hall and being there to then witness the first semi-public activation action application results of the first fully assembled and readily performing Converter. Possibly the PM of Malaysia may make himself available for that conference. At that time to witness the TPEOM EMC ~ MEC unit.

That unit can be handed to the Malaysian Prime Minister of the year of 2025.

A Converter units full weight is only 6 Kilograms due to the lightness of the new atomic elements it is assembled with.

Since the converter can and will convert energy into a solid form of matter then the menu of foods for that conference will be from that converter not a caterer. The foods offered will be as possible any foods that any attendee of that conference asks for

This conference, due to the location, may include government officers of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Therefore that gathering could number into seven or eight hundred + participants convening at that TPEOM MEC ~ EMC presentation. Possibly the PM of Malaysia may make himself available for that conference. At that time of the year of 2025.

(Article II, Part 1) The application: The Mission of TPEOM

Thereafter Article II is done and it is time to begin the Mission of TPEOM of completely placing as many TEP units and dual teams into, onto places as can or will be placed country by country by 17 May 2025 as per Article II Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4..

(Article II, Part 2) The application: Global landfill recoveries. Soil recovery and land mass recovery.

The application of 95,000 MECs and utilized throughout country by country of planet, Earth. In those placements, there will be the emptying of all the waste landfills upon this planet Earth into those 95,000 MEC units. (Article II, Part 3) The application: Atmospheric recovery Then 45,000 MEC units will also be utilized within the most smog polluted metropolitan cities on Earth to begin and to complete the removal of atmospheric toxins from the air of those cities by removing those smog toxins and returning the air as pure non-toxic, non-polluted air as it was in 25 Sep 1750. Then I am complete, and at peace for my life again.
I have then, fulfilled my call of DESTINY For TPEOM!


TPEOM seeks to "advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people."
To fulfill this mission of its DESTINY, the TPEOM Board Of Directors has set the following with broad goals:

Enhance communication among scientists, engineers, and the public; does this
Promote and defend the integrity of science and its application;
Strengthen support for science and all of the science technologies;
Provide a voice for science on social web board domains; Twitter & Facebook now does.
Promote the responsible use of science with integrity;
Applicably Foster a good awareness of all grade school entry level academics and to recognize who and what they are and where they should or must be as a educational institution for the advancement of their born with mental and good character abilities as being academically and socially better and to know what they would or will do with a goodly guided education that fits whom they are, whether it be science and technology or some other field of activity that they would be great at and will use as a good cause for the betterment of everyone; TTMA-LS is for this in 2025

Increase the national public engagement with science and technology; and Advance international awareness and cooperation in science. NPO'S, NGO's can and are doing this

Being global in today’s awareness that all peoples are now connected by the latest device of technology ‘The Smart Phone’ (TSP)

Be the world's largest multi disciplinary scientific organization and a leading edge of cutting-edge research through Science, TPEOM is known by members in more than 165 countries around the globe via

Membership is open to anyone who shares our the TPEOM goals and belief that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can help solve many of the challenges the world faces today.

You can lend your support to our efforts on behalf of scientists, engineers, educators, and students everywhere by becoming a member.

Together we can make a ''difference'': be with us as combined strenth to make the way of that 'Difference'.

To learn more about our community and the many benefits of membership, visit the Membership section of this website of TPEOM.


The formation of TPEOM in 2010 marked the embracement of its international unconditional commitment to its global Environmental DESTINY of recovering the world while being Head Quartered in Malaysia.. While science is integrated into Malaysia through UiTM as the Malaysian scene from the nation's early days, its practitioners remained few in number and scattered geographically and are amongst various disciplines.

TPEOM is a permanent organization formed to promote the now advancement of the Environmental, Ecological Biological diversity that must be recovered and reinstated within the coming decades by or before 2045.
That reinstatement can and will come with the development advancement of science and engineering at the communities, national and international levels and to represent the interests of all its disciplines by the installations of the TPEOM ‘Converter Transporter Units’ (CTU). into and around communities, cities nationally and with full international placement of the ‘Converter Transporter Units’(CTU).

To know of the TPEOM Converter Transporter Units then think this way: In the morning, evening or night or at any time you decide you go to the nearest TPEOM Converter Transporter Unit and step into it the same as you would step into a British phone booth and close the door. Then you insert your TCTU card, that holds points within it, into the card reader slot of the TCTU and it is read as enough points to ok your transportation to any location within the country you are in at that moment. However, within that TCTU card is your passport and you are in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and have an immediate business appointment in New York, USA. You utilize the projected smart holographic screen of the TCTU to choose your destination, then the TCTU will ask you for your international PIN ID so that the TCTU will then check with immigration and while doing that the TCTU will have customs scanned you and what is with you that is of no consequences of you to be authorized to go ahead into London. Now if and should you ask of the TCTU to educate you of or on any subject then while you are in transport you will arrive at your destination with that Intel within your awareness.

A simple quick asked for education at no extra cost.
Something simple: you wanted to know the current weather in London.
You wanted to know the current FOR EX of MYR to GDP.
You wanted to know the now today availability of 100 tons of white skinless potato’s and the cargo shipment cost of those potatoes and the best in your favor priced sea cargo company in or near London that will handle that cargo with shipment into whre you need it to be.
You are an officer of one of the largest foods supply importers/ exporters of your country.
The current market is running low on that high demand food item as sold by Aeon, Tesco and Giant and many of the smaller markets and mini-markets.
You now have only five days to complete this buy and its product being shipped and landed into port so that your companies lorries will collect that cargo and make the deliveries to the markets.

Participants in TPEOM meetings, held in cities across the country, representing a who's who of environmentalists and science. In advance the meetings were covered widely by the social news media’s of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Trellis, Google, alibaba and Yahoo which sometimes reprint their announcement proceedings verbatim.
This includes New Sreight Times (NST) and many of the other newspapers.
However, TPEOM's permanence was not preordained and, despite the many contributions it made during its first decade, the Organization came close to satisfying the world.

The life of TPEOM has been interwoven with the growth of science.
Give to TPEOM
Our ability to provide a voice for environmental science, scientists and engineers and to advance the saving of our planets Biodiverse environment and ecosystems depends on the support from individuals like you.

GIVE all that you care as a show of your care for this planet and your Life or close to you lives.

Become a Member Whether you're a scientist, engineer, teacher, or science advocate, together we can be a united voice for a scientific Environmental progressive return of our ‘home planet’ back to purity.


Fill in the joining member to be form and E-Mail it to TPEOM

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