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THE Universe Awaiting Page

"The Universe is patiently awaiting us to care and save planet Earth. Should we listen to or we see the messages.

The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) NPO, NGO

Composed & Written by Prof. Yoshida, M. K. as Webmaster

The Universe is patiently awaiting us. Each day messages are being given to us. A gentle breeze whispering into your ear, A bird chirping, a squirrel walking a fence, the aroma of freshly blossoming flowers, the Ocean wave surging around and above your ankles, the taste of a freshly harvested melon. Always each Moment is a multidimensional wave carrying messages from the Universe into your Heart. These messages are always filled with loving reminders that Love is all there ever has been for us to embrace and empower in our lives for planet Earth.

Each choice of the moment we each make and do for planet Earth should come from Love of Life. The Universe is faithfully devoted to each of us awakening and taking our rightful place in the hierarchy of Creation. We each are co-Creators of all that we experience. Can you truly allow yourself to let go of what you thought to believe, and embrace what is unseen and is the most powerful a force in all of Creation. We each are a product of countless Miracles, and One who has thrived through all the challenges and life experiences we have learned from. The Unseen world of Spirit is shining Light and Love upon all areas of your being seeking to open you to the wonders of what will be as you Lovingly embrace all that is planet Earths Enchanting Beauty.

We each are re-connecting to each other on a level, a vibration that the World has only got glimpses of. The Enlightened Wisdom of teacher Buddha and his struggles to grasp the meaning of being alive, All those who have come before and left a legacy to remember who we are and what we can be. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and so many others who shredded this reality and opened doors to the wonders of what can be, will be.

Their Wisdom was bequeathed to each of us. Open your minds to see it, hear it within your mind. Put aside the day to day distractions. Make your minds open to the legacy of the legacy of Life as spoken of and to all humanity by these few, teacher Buddha, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and so many others who shredded this mundane human made reality and opened the doors of paths to the wonders of what will be by you after you see and listen to the wisdom of the Universes messages to you for planet Earth and all entities of Life upon and within the realm of planet Earth.

Peace among Humanity, Peace for all of this reality is but a conscious and Awakened Moment away from the mundane of the now social existence of humanity that is destroying those entities of planet Earth as is being done to Planet Earth. We as a society can no longer hide from the Love and the power we each have over this existence we have chosen to grow from. It will face all of us at any moment of our existence or a moment before our passing. The Universe is shining Love of Life upon us, wearing away all the levels of self that serve only our little Wills. Our inner Light is beaming ever brighter from Within us, reminding us of how powerful we can be as The One when aligned and in harmony with Nature. Come forward, let us embrace each other, and share the Present and make the future in Peace, Harmony and Tranquility with each other. For in true reality we are all The One.

We are the bearers, the beacons for all to see. We each and all are the Catalysts of our lives and the Life of planet Earth. May we each see the Oneness of all inhabitants of Mother Planet Earth, the origin of our lives? May we embrace Love of Life for planet Earth in each moment that we breath of its atmosphere, drink of its waters, walk upon its lands, witness its Divine Enchanting Beauty of Life?

The beauty and Perfection of the Divine Plan of Nature is unfurling for all to perceive. ~~ ~ Hello this moment, my dear friend. Hope you are doing fine and enjoy always nice time. Best regards to you and your family, relatives and friends. Wishing you to have a nice time, a beautiful life and May Natures Divine Plan bless your life with everything needed in it for Life as it is Created to be. Take care & stay safe.
With Sincere Honorable Care from TPEOM to you all~

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