I, TPEOM, Dr. Prof. Yoshida honorably with SINCERITY to the core of my conscientious mind, heart, inclusive of my being Imbued within me the DESTINY of my being with CARE for The Lights of LIFE of planet EARTH as my DESTINY of being aware of The full environmental, ecological and Biodiversity of our ‘Home World planet \ Earth’ am unwaveringly aligned with the TPEOM DESTINY to fulfill its required actions of TPEOM Articles of making safe as a saved world for the lives of all species present of land, atmosphere and aquatics as to a fulfillment conclusion!
My, Oath with TPEOM for evermore!

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Article IV) The application: Medical
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The Global Environmental, Ecological Recovery, Regeneration and the Saving of Planet Earth VIA Physics Science.

The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) (NPO)(TEP)(NGO)
The beginning of the awakening of this destiny;

AWARENESS: There came to me an awareness that entered into all of me of the fully attentive conceptual view of this Planet Earth’s current Environmental & Ecological status.

Inclusive of that awareness enterance is it`s enterance into my mind telling to me that planet Earth is on its path of its soon to be Environmentally, Ecologically disabled as a healthy life supportive planet due to the excessive populations of Homo sapiens species that are now polluting this planet and it`s atmosphere and most all aquatics with toxics,
and that planetary disability will become deadly by no later than 2048 (29 years from 2019). There will be no life continuing past 2048 into 2050 (29 years from 2019). When or before the human population becomes Ten Billion from its now today 10 October 2018 as a population of 7,654,294,981 (seven billion ++)

Then 10,000,000,000 (Ten billion equals only an addition of (2,345,705,019) of an added Homo sapiens species population and whatever may \ remain of the upon the ground species as living animals and within aquatics fishes including other forms of aquatic orientated species and for the atmosphere, birds flying in the atmosphere.

WORLD POPULATION has reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011. It is projected to reach 8 billion in 2023, 9 billion in 2037, and 10 billion human people in the year 2048. 2048 is the time when the pollution factor due to the Ten Bill"n population is producing more 'rubbish' than ' room' space for it. The atmospheric toxins become a smoggy poisonous fog. . . . . Non-breathable similar to a poisonous gas chamber at a prison. Actully, then planet Earth had become a global graveyard by then or somewhat before then. It is now time for global 'housekeeping' with tpeom being the 'maid, butler or PA'.

WORLD POPULATION has doubled in 40 years from 1959 (3 billion) to 1999 (6 billion).

Now this year’s time as this presentation caption is written is within the culmination time and date of 2019. from this year to the year of 2037 there is only 18 more years remaining for all biological life upon this planet to be able to continue breathing, but with an intensely inclusive move towards being toxified by way of excessive pollutants such as carbon monoxide, industrial chemicals, pesticides, black carbon emissions & added megatons of spoiling, decaying rubbish that will have everybody wearing surgical masks or a gas mask or an oxygen bottle. And coming with the added toxins an added range of new infectious as micro-biological`s, germs and viruses that will be a range of new diseases that The World Health Organization will not have antibiotics for to cure those infections that will be plaguing humanity and in a few cases of the new infections medical doctors or hospitals or the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Human Health Project do not or does not have a vaccine or cure for the new infections so infected people with it just suffer or in some cases die from that new waste caused infection. Go on the internet and ask the EPA of USA about the global pollution factor today. United States Environmental Protection Agency | ''US EPA''
Those years will slip away shortly!

However; before 2045 by way of 2040. Starting in 2030 or best a decade earlier (2020) for real best results no later than by the time of 20 May 2025 .
TPEOM is destined to save the planet Earth from toxic waste pollution that is taking over the environment and terminating the planet and all living species of life now living upon planet Earth. TPEOM is focused to save your lives by saving your life from the coming 8 range of polluted years there could be from 2040 to 2048 of pollution misery and subsequently a pollution death by or before comes the year 2048.

TPEOM must start saving the planets environment by Wednesday 1 January 2020 and may have it completely cleaned before or by Thursday 31 December 2037 to only allow for 7 more years of no sanitation by the installation of many MEC units into every city on Earth and into all rubbish dumps upon this planet to remove all the rubbish from those rubbish dumps or polluted places. inclusive of pollution by-product producing & emitting industrial locations.




TPEOM is Destined to create the unit of the MEC, Matter to Energy Converter.

Look at the energy cell page for some knowledge of how TPEOM is to do of THIS for you.
Therein and thereafter the MEC will be the prime replacement for all waste disposal modalities.

(Article I, P1) to save the planet Earth by fully destroying /removing from all environmental places and positions all the toxic contaminating wastes scattered into the environments of soils, aquatics and atmosphere by humanity and to complete that waste destruction by way of the MEC matter to energy conversion unit system of TPEOM.

Planet Earths Environmental termination is being done by way of the discarded waste products humans produce, use and then discard, dump into the environment as globally manufactured products that they produced as a source of money by the manufacturing industries of humanity and bought by the general population as consumers, as users of those products.
Then after those products have been used and by way of that use it transformed into an unwanted waste item that then is/was no longer wanted or needed by humans and thereafter is discarded into the Earths environment and ecology.

Thrown into the Earths Environments of Atmosphere (Air) Land (soil) and Aquatics (all waters) as human waste as is now being done by the 7,533,558,065> Seven Billion, Five Hundred thirty three Million, five Hundred fifty eight Thousand, and sixty five as of 23:07:52 PM at 11/16/2018 and growing at the rate of 60 more per 30 seconds. That is 946,080,000 more per year less 55.3 million deaths per year which makes an increase of 890,780,000 per year times 14 years to the date of the year 2030 to equal 12,470,920,000 more to the now today population of 7,442,655,110 to equal 19,911,682,950 and that IS THE FINAL END OF IT ALL. Unless TPEOM is enabled to do its job correctly as it is destined to do within only the 8 (eight) years after the date of the year of 2030, or should it be made possible to be, then it will be, should you, the population of planet Earths make help to TPEOM to make it that way.
global clock/world.

This is the year 11-15-2020 @15:13:22 PM

global clock/world.

This is the year 21-02-2020 @10:43:22 PM

global clock/world.

global clock/world.

Only eight days difference from the 2nd one to the third one is 8 days ith 2,217,494 more added population. Then the below paper is more detailed.

global clock/world.

global clock/world.

global clock/world.

An Added 4,123,056 new people All in only 19 Days. Equal to 217,002,947 per day

global clock/world.

An Added 3,579,035 new people All in only 15 Days. Equal to 238,602,334 per day

global clock/world.

An Added 1,471,512 new people All in only 7 Days. Equal to 210,216 per day

Today is 2-2-2019 at 15:40:05 with a Global Population at 7,550,214,450 from 29-01-2019 as 7,549,303,407 That is an addition of 911,763 /4 to = 227, 950 per day in 4 days.

It is the then human population of planet Earth as you read this article and it is increasing by many Hundreds of thousand per day and soon to be the presence of Nine to Ten Billion human inhabitants that will be the count within 29 decreasing years and cannot exceed more than 38 years after this calendar year of 2019 and will be the then registered census counted number by the census bureaus of the (233) countries of the world, Planet Earth, as the then counting of the human population of this planet, Earth. The then or before suffocating to death with atmospheric toxic pollutants as generated / produced by humanity globally.

Current World Population & Global Dynamic Meters Indicators

The Census Bureaus known and projected fact is that the human population of Planet Earth will indeed reach the Nine to Ten Billion population mark by or before the year of 2050 which is only Thirty one (31) years from the now date of 2019 and that 2050 will be the definite destruction of the Earths environments as a life sustainable planetary environment by then or before then,unless humanity awakens with active viable 'good' modalities that definitely will reverse the in-place pollution 'effects''.

Why? It is a known fact that every human produces a minimum of one Kilogram of waste per day. The volume of one kilogram of waste (0.02831 cubic meter) varies with what it consists of as paper waste, other forms of solid waste, as plastic bags, food wrappers and containers, and other forms of what was a manufactured product container, wet waste (vegetarian, fruit) and in the very worst cases; industrial wastes.

Air pollution and the resulting acid rain severely affecting lakes and damaging forests; metal smelting, coal-burning electric generating utilities, Diesel burning electric generating utilities and vehicle emissions impacting on the ozone layer and agricultural and forest productivity; ocean waters becoming contaminated due to agricultural, industrial, mining, and forestry activities removing the trees that do generate the atmospheric oxygen, no trees then no oxygen to breath for any of the oxygen breathing life on this planet.

That volume of factual, realistic matter as waste requires or takes a place to put it, agreed to or not it takes environmental geographic area and makes its presence known and felt.
currently it is dumped into landfill waste pits ~ garbage ~ rubbish dumps if it is not incinerated or if possible recycled into another product that will anyway find its way into the rubbish land fill dumps that fill the environment as toxic waste
or as to some of it, effectively by way of added moisture it transforms into biochemical waste.
That toxicity and biochemistry seeps into the land (soil) and deeper into the underground water tables or streams that can or will breed additional viruses, bacteria, germs and other infectious micro-organisms that do reach the surface and get into the atmosphere ( Air) and then into some of the human population and into other living biochemically organic species and then causes infections that are likely contagious.

Within the recent eight years from 2007 a rise in new infections are prominent news items in the Cyber news and more Cyber newsan and television news that is plaguing humanity and in a few cases of the new infection medical doctors or hospitals or the world health organization  World Health Organization (WHO) and the Human Health Project. and the Human Health Project do not or does not have a vaccine or cure for the new infection so people infected with it just suffer or in some cases die from that new waste caused infection.

There are millions of square kilometers of land that is now toxically poisonous to any form of protein based life and many plant based life forms or other forms of species that should and could have been alive now but are dead due to the waste products, discards of the current and some past human population.

Then, a more noticeable problem that will be seen and felt by all will arrive as the discarded waste of the landfills takes priority of the land and the increasing human population towards the Ten Billion mark arrives and that increased population finds that they are to share their living, housing space with a next door neighbor of being a waste landfill dump being due to there is no other place or space for that dump to be since that all the rest of the land is then filled with humanity or landfills.

A Very nice reality of tomorrow that is coming: Sooner than you think or realize.
I know of this & see this due to my daily involvement with it & constantly conscious of it.

The evident problem is that humanity at large does not have a true "any" shot solution for the waste management of humanity.

IN all due regards and considerations something is something and that `something` does take required space for its matter/material presence.
There are a lot of talks of getting rid of that waste ~ rubbish `something`, but the problem is that when the space place of the environment is a definite confined space then anything that is put into it takes some of the volume of space for itself as it is physically defined as being present.

Being that the item is a living person or living species then what will be will be for that one?
However, should the item be waste ~ rubbish and it is taking the space that the human or living species must have for its life then the rubbish must go and be gone and out of that environment. `That is the idea of what is needed to be done with all the waste // rubbish in that closed room named, Planet Earth`.
For now since planet Earth is an enclosed environment similar to being in a closed room with no windows, no doors or any other means of going out of that room, it then says that anything more that is added to the interior of that room only makes that room small or smaller until the human & other species occupant(s) in that room is/are crowded into standing as a standing place only, or go extinct and when that coming moment arrives when nothing more can be put into that room..

It can at that moment be a life or death situation with an extremely limited choice if any choice is available.

And since there are no readily available exits from Planet Earth then it becomes a very compact suffrage.

More rubbish ~ waste will come due to the needs by the person's, room occupant', for more manufactured products. So when the occupant's produces more and uses what more was produced and then discards the waste of the produced item into that room. Then an unbearable problem comes that will face that occupant...
That room dwindles to smaller. The occupant is seeking a way to exit that rubbish ~ waste from that room and much cash is being spent, and much action is happening but the rubbish ~ waste stays and will not go away by the way of the modalities or the familiar ideas of the person in that closed room with no evident exit or type of readily available exit from that room.

Millions of attempts have been made by the occupant and much has been spent in cash and time by the occupant, but the rubbish ~ waste does not leave that room. And every day that comes and passes only sees the bad of being in that room with all that rubbish ~ waste getting to be more rubbish ~ waste until it will be the death of that occupant(humanity) and of that room (planet Earth) and any others that are in that room also.

The point is: Currently as it is known to that rooms occupant there is no way the occupant knows of as to the realistic how to get that growing rubbish ~ waste problem out of that room.

The person's just does not see and does not know any way to make it happen.

Yes that is how it is.

By the habitual and only known human way of Aeons and added centuries of doing rubbish ~ waste disposal, was to "discard it, dumping it, throwing it aside" but still it being there with no true solution to it being for real gone has never been proposed or introduced that will get that rubbish ~ waste out of that room and gone from that room as is needed to be done.
OK, in the past centuries there was minimal technology as compared to the now available technology of this century, 2019. So the actual point here is for the person in that room to apply current physics technology with some improvements that will remove all that rubbish ~ waste that is now in that closed room into being out of that closed room and technically making it not being tangibly present as being seen, felt, smelled or tasted by that occupants five environment detecting senses such as sight, touch, smell and taste for this instance of the rubbish ~ waste presence problem.
The occupants other sense of sound detection perhaps does not apply to this instance.

The above dissertation is of a sort that is an encompassing depiction of the rubbish ~ waste problem and mentions the moving towards an opening of the point of what is sincerely for real the needed item of the occupant's of that room planet. . . Earth

In all due seriousness this occupant must have a final true solution to the growing waste problem that is now every day decreasing the availability of inhabitable land upon this planet

The worst choice is to reduce the occupants of that room.

The best of the best of choices is to see a way to actually remove all the rubbish ~ waste from that room for real with no need of any mundane physical so to say type of exit since such a mundane type of door exit for that, and as of now, is not readily available.
Now Here Is The Proposal For A Doorway To Rid Us Of All That rubbish ~ waste.

The only reality true workable way and technically available way is to CREATE an exit that is exceptionally outside of the mundane type of conventional exits.
That exit, the MEC, is to be a matter to energy converter portal type of exit that will be an exit for all the rubbish ~ waste that is now severely piling up in that severely confined, closed room, planet Earth.

A hugeWORRY!
That above coming loss of inhabitable land space fact riveted this occupants focused attention into an ongoing conceptual consideration of what modality or methodology or technology would factually, truthfully reverse that now unchecked, ghastly, ongoing and growing toxic pollution poisoning of this planet Earths total Environments and the ongoing dedicating of the useable available land space to discarded waste ~ rubbish, the loss of the ozone radiation shield layer that floats above this planets atmosphere and is being there to prevent solar radiation poisoning and then the deaths of all life forms upon and with on this planet Earth by or before the year of 2055.

Actually as an occupant of this planet, and being in this sealed room, my concept of saving this planet and the sealed room of it is only by the technological, scientific way of the application of the science of physics as the way of making the above ghastly death of planet Earth stop by way of being re-sanitized as it is said to be done as per the following ARTICLES of TPOEM of this presentation.

The NEED and must do is that all of that discarded rubbish ~ trash must be factually removed
off planet out of this room!

The current methods of waste removal by dumping or discarding is not a solution, and they never have been truly effective, and they never will be.
Trillions of moneys can be put into those centuries old ways of rubbish ~ waste management and that rubbish ~ waste continues to remain and will continue to remain as per those methods!
Money to be invested wisely into a final solution is best than to continue throwing money into a bottomless pit of what is being done with no solution.
The wake-up is to invoke an entirely new level of a solution of how to handle this rubbish ~ waste problem
Permanent rubbish ~ waste removal can be done with the MEC.

A rubbish ~ waste solution that is an uncommon and outside of the box way of thinking.
The best exceptional way is to just CREATE an exit that is an exceptionally outside of the mundane way of doing it.
Adding that exit will be the true disposal path to no more rubbish ~ waste within this sealed room planet Earth.
That Exit is to be the matter to energy MEC converter portal type of exit that will be an exit for all the rubbish ~ waste that is now in this closed, sealed room of planet Earth.

The NEED is for the garbage ~ waste ~ rubbish is to be out of sight and no longer visibly nor tangibly present. Just for truly, really GONE, truly disposed of and not a pollutant of another place or space. Out and away from this sealed room planet Earth and not being any where else.

The only way of that full disposal is to convert that garbage ~ waste ~ rubbish into another form that is not visible, not tangible and not knowingly detectable to or by the five human senses as being present and it is gone out of this room, planet Earth...

The way of that is the MEC!

The statement of TPEOM stands for two items; The EMC and the MEC.
The EMC represents a physics technology of Energy to Matter Conversion.
The MEC represents a physics technology of Matter to Energy Conversion.

Within this waste ~ rubbish presentation the direct main focus point here is the MEC unit.

The full solution to waste disposal is the MEC conversion of the planetary waste discards of waste into a conversion of it into dissipated energy by way of the MEC.

The way of this is to have at hand one or more of the MEC units that can be filled with waste.
Then at the easy touch of a button pad the activation of the MEC happens and the MEC will do as it is designed to do, convert the waste matter contained within its conversion chamber into energy and emit ~ transmit that energy as a dissipated energy wave so that when the doorway // portal of the MEC
is again opened the waste that was put into the MEC is not there, it is truly gone. De materialized.

Gone but not gone as in fact energy is not just gone.

The then fact is that the waste material is now not visible, not tangible and not knowingly detectable to or by the five human senses as being present as tangible matter.

No more waste ~ No rubbish landfills and a cleaner room, planet Earth!!

That then is the Gone.

This concept is awaiting its proper opportunity of presentation to the correct receiving party or parties (persons) that are in agreement to the assembly of a small close team of scientists that will do the Research and Development of the MEC unit.
(This web page//site is an attempt at making that global presentation)

How to make the MEC happen?

The consideration is of the manner of the scientific team that is to form this new form of technology that does need new atomic elements and electronics circuitry configurations to facilitate the MECs ability to do the mater to energy conversions.

I have specified that there is to be 10 newly created forms of atomic elements. For the atomic list of elements and the First to be named as E-Metal and others as pre decided.
The methodology of their creation is specified in another paper within reach.
This should be done at the TRIUMF particle accelerator collider of the European Organization for Nuclear Research Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council's (NSERC) in TRIUMF 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 2A3, Canada.

I seek an introduction to the Director Jonathan Bagger of the TRIUMF Particle Accelerator and within that introduction and with permission to utilize the TRIUMF: Canada's particle accelerator for the creation of the 10 new atomic elements, The period for that completed action, I have no specific.
However, in all due regards and respects it will be soon enough to take those elements into the MEC project assembly lab in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

I also have consideration of whatever other cyclotron is available that can perform the creation of these atomic elements.
My personal consideration is to look into the way of an international collaboration of the top scientists of physics within the disciplines of particle physics, wave mechanics, nucleonic, Molecular Physics, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Physics, Microelectronics and metallurgy.

In order to also maintain this project as a globally humanitarian project in which the leaders of 197 countries are supportively happy with the arrangement and the efforts of the global teaming of their focused at saving planet earth.
And within that action all the participating countries will historically be credited with the saving of this planet Earth

(Article I)
The application: The International Scientific agreements Including the Energy Cell and the first EFCV1.


(Article I, Part 1)
The application: The assembly team.


(Article II)
The application: The seeing of the fully completed MEC unit

The focus is to fully complete, the assembly and formation of the fist MEC by or as can or could be accomplished by us.
**T his item (Article II) completed then a conference meeting will be called for in which all members of the team, and the leaders of their countries, will be called to assemble at the Putrajaya convention center conference room or conference hall and being there to then witness the first semi-public activation action application results of the first fully assembled and readily performing Converter TPEOM MEC unit. That unit can be handed to the Malaysian Prime Minister.

A Converter units full weight is only 6 Kilograms due to the lightness of the new atomic elements it is assembled with.
Since the converter can and will convert energy into a solid form of matter then the menu of foods for that conference will be from that converter not a caterer. The foods offered will be as possible any foods that any attendee of that conference asks for

This conference, due to the location, may include government officers of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Therefore that gathering could number into seven or eight hundred + participants convening at that TPEOM MEC ~ EMC presentation.
Possibly the PM of Malaysia may make himself available for that conference. At that time


(Article II, Part 1)
The application: The Mission of TPEOM

Thereafter Article II is done and it is time to begin the Mission of TPEOM of completely placing as many MEC units as can or will be placed country by country as per Article II Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4..


(Article II, Part 2)
The application: Global landfill recoveries. Soil recovery and land mass recovery.

The application of as many MECs as needed and placed throughout the planet, Earth. In those placements, there will be the emptying of all the waste landfills upon this planet Earth into many MEC units.


(Article II, Part 3)
The application: Atmospheric recovery

Then many MEC units will also be placed within the most smog polluted metropolitan cities on Earth to begin and to complete the removal of atmospheric toxins from the air of those cities by removing those smog toxins and returning the air as pure non-toxic, non-polluted air as it was in 25 Sep 1752.


(Article II, Part 4)
The application: Aquatics.

Then many MEC units will also be placed within the most aquatically polluted metropolitan cities on Earth to begin and to complete the removal of the aquatic toxins from the waters of those cities by removing those pollutants and returning the waters as pure non-toxic, non-polluted water as it was in 25 Sep 1752 before the industrial revolution.


(Article III)
The application: An Unlimited Self Sustainable Energy Source.+ other.

A Primary item.

This energy cell will be configured to provide Voltages, Amperages and Wattage's as needed by the application it is to be tailored for as DC or AC EMF.
This energy cell will be the full replacement for all forms of hydroelectric, diesel turbine electric, wind turbine electric and solar electric energy. as well as steam turbine electric, Nuclear electric and Biomass Electric generators
This energy cell can be configured to fit into any hand phone or portable computer .
This energy cell can be and will be configured to fit into Fords Electric car the Tesla as the battery replacement.
The overall concern is to replace all internal combustion engines of all automobiles with energy cell powered electric engines.
This will mostly eliminate the green house gasses being spewed into the atmosphere. This conversion will be the way of regaining the North Pole Ozone layer that is now not there due to the continued emissions of pollutants into the Earths atmosphere. This is also a consideration to reduce or eliminate the unneeded global warming condition of this planet.
Any electric power providing operation as a private or government organization with this energy cell as the primary electric source Item will see their overhead cost of producing electricity fall to near Zero.
That also, in my consideration that should alleviate the overhead costs of the consumer of electricity by 60%.

The profile can be; The electric power supply organizations, government subsidized entities takes on an agreement with the cousin company ~ organization of TPEOM (TGMNCSB Trans Global Multinational Corporation Sendirian Berhad or Berhad) and enters into a contract that leases the energy cell to them in the same method and financial agreement as they lease/supply electric power to its customer base but at a much reduced cost with no such maintenance as is needed to maintain a hydroelectric installation or any other such electricity producing facility.

The energy cell without any premeditated abuse will continue on near indefinitely as per its 5 atomic elements assembly, including one isotope. Minimally each energy cell is 400 years of unattended operation per each energy cell that is put into operation.
It is best that any high power output energy cell be within a room that is 18° Celsius only.


The scientific paper presentation of the operational characteristics of the Energy Cell.

GO TO THE Energy Cell PAGE

(Article IV)

The application: Medical.

Since the human body is a composition of atoms and a form of energy, then the MEC and the Extraordinarily Fast Computer version Five (EFCV5) powered by the energy cell can accept the human body as an item to be converted into energy, stored within the EFCV5 and then reassembled as the same physical physique of matter/ energy and inclusive of all the original human brain neuron energy patterns ( memories) as it was before the EFCV5 and the MEC converted it and then stored it within the EFCV5.

After Matter to Energy conversion the EFC5 will medically examine that human bodies current medical condition against the original DNA architecture at birth and then return it back to that original of it at birth architecture, with consideration of its to that moment of time passed.

Then within 5 minutes after the process of the converter was initiated the EFCV5 & the EMC will bring back that human body fully functional while excluding such cells as tumors of cancer or whatever else was not originally specified within the chromosomes or Genome of the DNA of the original architecture of that human body.

A certified MD medical professional experienced in genetics will be present to operate this medical orientated (MEC) converter unit

By utilizing the converters MEC holographic screen selection to function as an Matter to Energy Converter particularly selected via the EFCV5 selection as medical for its action of conversion.

The unit is operated via a projected holographic screen menu that operates as a holographic touch screen to call forth the index of selections to do the physiology and genetic DNA selections to be done by the EFCV5 and the EMC ~ MEC medical converter (MC) unit as powered by the Energy Cell.

The implementation of the EFCV5 and the Energy Cell and the atomic Element plates that are the inner walls, floor and ceiling of the EMC ~ MEC, inclusive of its Energy Cell for the supply of all energies it needs to perform the MEC function. The converter system will do the human body and its DNA to atomic matter conversion and the production of stored bits//bytes of recoverable data as the full living, thinking alive architecture of the medically converted human and its ‘body’.

The final exact, answer to the ongoing human medical condition. The Complete Medical cure at the highest, purest and most immediate level.

Chemical / Atomic Elements Composition of the Human Body

Major Classes of Compounds in the Human Body

Most of the elements are found within compounds. Water and minerals are inorganic compounds. Organic compounds include fat, protein, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids.

Water: Water is the most abundant chemical compound in living human cells, accounting for 65 percent to 90 percent of each cell. It's also present between cells. For example, blood and cerebrospinal fluid are mostly water.

Fat: The percentage of fat varies from person to person, but even an obese person has more water than fat.

Protein: In a lean male, the percentages of protein and water are comparable. It's about 16 percent by mass. Muscles, including the heart, contain a lot of muscle. Hair and fingernails are protein. Skin contains a large amount of protein, too.

Minerals: Minerals account for about 6 percent of the body. They include salts and metals. Common minerals include sodium, chlorine, calcium, potassium, and iron.

Carbohydrates: Although humans use the sugar glucose as an energy source, there isn' t that much of it free in the bloodstream at any given time. Sugar and other carbohydrates only account for about 1% of body mass.

Elements in the Human Body

Six elements account for 99% of the mass of the human body. The acronym CHNOPS may be used to help remember the six key chemical elements that are used in biological molecules.

C is carbon, H is hydrogen, N is nitrogen, O is oxygen, P is phosphorus, and S is sulfur. While the acronym is a good way to remember the identities of the elements, it doesn't reflect their abundance.

Oxygen is the most abundant element in the human body accounting for approximately 65% of a person's mass. Each water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom, but the mass of each oxygen atom is much higher than the combined mass of the hydrogen. In addition to being a component of water, oxygen is essential for cellular respiration.

Carbon is contained in all organic compounds, which is why carbon is the second most abundant element in the body, accounting for about 18% of body mass. Carbon is found in proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. It's also found in carbon dioxide.

Hydrogen atoms are the most numerous type of atom in a human, but because they are so light, they only make up around 10% of the mass. Hydrogen is in water, plus it's an important electron carrier.

Nitrogen is about 3.3% of body mass. It's found in proteins and nucleic acids.

Calcium accounts for 1.5% of body mass. It's used to build bones and teeth, plus it's important for muscle contraction.

Phosphorus is about 1% of body mass. This element is found in nucleic acids. Breaking bonds connecting phosphate molecules is a major component of energy transfer.

Potassium is around 0.2-0.4% of the mass of a person. It's used in nerve conduction. Potassium is a key cation or positively-charged ion in the body.

  Sulfur is found in some amino acids and proteins. It's about 0.2-0.3% of body mass.

Sodium, like potassium, is a positively-charged ion. It's about 0.1-0.2% of body mass. Sodium helps regulate the electrolyte balance in the body and maintain homeostasis with respect to the volume of water in the blood and cells.

Although aluminum and silicon are abundant in the earth's crust, they are found in trace amounts in the human body.

Other trace elements include metals, which are often cofactors for enzymes. Trace elements include iron, cobalt, zinc, iodine, selenium, and flourine.

7 x 1027 = Calculated Atoms of the human body of an average 70 kg adult human male

189,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Atoms for the MEC ~ EMC converter to assimilate into its RAM & solid state storage cube capable of storing 4848 x 4848 x 4848 bits of data that equals a grand exception of much more bit data than any Number of atoms of any size of human body. The QCV5 ~ OS will implement its medical OS specifically for human body DNA configuration recognition as it was originally at birth 'architecturally' configured, then at the instruction of the attending Geneticist the converter medical OS will heal the body's differential back to its original DNA profile with no 'ailments of any sort.'

The below chart is a simplified exemplification of the Elemental Composition of the human body that can easily be assimilated by the EMC ~ MEC converter system.

That action by the `converter`components of the QC5 & MEC ~ EMC converter units then reconfigures that human body back to its original DNA before conversion and with the cure of;

A loss of Asthma
A loss of Rumatoid Arthritis.
A loss of kidney stones.
Regain your eye sight.
Be with normal hearing.
Reconfigured broken bones.
Cured Athletic Injuries
The answer to polio
The final cure for cancer
The full cure for HIV.
The full cure for any sexually transmitted disease.
The answer to hair loss.
The answer to wrinkly skin.
The full repair of bullet wounds.
The end of osteoporosis.
VFW soldiers medical needs of any country on Earth.

And the medical list of ailments curable by the Medical Converter (MC) goes into the total inclusive encompassment of all the human medical conditions~ailments.

The final exact, answer to the ongoing human medical condition.
The Complete Medical cure at the highest, purest and most immediate level.

A medical professional experienced in genetics will be present to operate this medical orientated converter (MC) unit.

The unit is operated via a projected holographic screen menu that operates as a holographic touch screen to call forth the index of selections to do the physiology and genetic DNA selections to be done by the QCV5 and the EMC ~ MEC medical converter (MC) unit as powered by the Energy Cell.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) International.
Departments Of Defense (DOD) International.

With concern for military veterans.
You as a soldier that was involved in a military confrontation operation with a military opponent that cost you the loss of one or more of your much needed appendages such as an arm or hand or a leg or foot or some other physiological body part and you now consider yourself as physiologically incomplete and are not now as fully as you were genetically physically birthed to be, and that MISSING part of your body modality has sincerity depressed your lifestyle while you are being aware and knowing that the missing part of your body is now only a prosthetic that was put to your body by the VFW clinic or physical therapy center that you attend that is near your current residence. Even though you now have, or may have, a prosthetic you remain with the physical feeling that the original appendage that is now missing is still being with you.

By way of this TPEOM Medical Converter(TPEOM MC) as a scientific technology of a TPEOM Medical Matter to Energy Converter ~ Energy to Matter Converter (TPEOM MC MEC ~ EMC) unit you can have your missing appendage, body part returned to you as Genetically as correct as per the original DNA Genome architecture of your body as it was originally birthed to be.

This action is by way of the TPEOM Medical converter (TPEOM MC).

This reinstatement process of your missing limb or other body part(s) happens only within a time line of five (5) minutes after your entry into the TPEOM MC and the TPEOM MC unit is activated by the attending medical geneticist that is responsible for it.

You whom is a VFW soldier attending a veterans hospital or physical therapy center and have concisely read this VFW section of TPEOM with comprehension and then became imbued with determination to be physiologically complete again and thereafter with that reinstated physical completion you will continue onward with your life and your body as being physiologically correctly complete.

So then and therefore you can or will only as yourself, or as a group of veterans determinably go and approach the VFW HQ nearest you and only you, or as a group will strongly or diplomatically state your collective desire to meet with the head administrator and you or your group will comprehensively make your statement to that VFW administrator for the VFW to do all within their governmental and military power to insure that the needed TPEOM MC MEC ~ EMC units are forthwith acquired by the VFW or military DOD from TPEOM and then installed at the VFW hospital or physical therapy center that you and your VFW colleagues ~ fellow soldiers attend for their VFW medical care that is nearest your collective residences.

This is your life, so now that you know of this TPEOM MC unit you are aware of a way to make better of your life at your will as you will for your physiological life to be fully complete again -


Contact Information;

Phone:   +6017-292-4072
Location: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Contact: Prof. Yoshida, M K.

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Planet “Pyrus” is in the Lenticular Galaxy of Aquarius,with astronomical coordinates of NGC77759 at 37 parsecs (4,317,278,400 miles) from Planet Earth and its solar system within the Milky Way Galaxy. Planet Pyrus is a blue white, titanic giant planet with 3 planet sized moons in orbit around it


The Lenticular Galaxy of Aquarius

Messier objects: 3.
Stars with planets 12
Stars Beta Aquarius, Alpha Aquarii, Gamma Aquarii, Delta Aquarii, & More
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